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Student House Moves

Student House Moves

Moving apartments/units for students is a big thing. This is so because generally students do not have much furniture, nor do they have much idea about moving services. Therefore, we offer them 2 most easy options: Small truck+2men for $ 40/half hour or DYO means they can load and unload themselves and we will give them a driver with truck for $32.50/half hour

In these options, the customers get value for their money because they still can enjoy professional service along with professional moving equipment at a great price. Auckland being a city where we get a high no. of students every year, it is important for us to cater to them as well. Our team is well conversant with English Language and can easily communicate with all ethnicities in English as their main language. Also, students have little knowledge about moving furniture. Hence, we provide them complete knowledge about how we will be undertaking the move to ease their stress.

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