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Spa-Pool Moves

Spa Pool Movers in Auckland

Who does not love a spa? Well we do too but we love to move it too. Moving spa is not a piece of cake that everyone can bite. But we offer to move your spa with great safety and care. We do have a trained team of spa-pool movers who know how to handle ceramic and fiberglass spas. For a spa pool move, it is very important to assess the place of pick up and drop off. Because then only we can decide to do it with a truck or trailer. Also based on this, we can recommend the no. of movers required to move the spa pool.

For booking your spa-pool move, we need to assess the locations via physical visit or a video assessment. Also, before the move of the pool, the customer must ensure there is no water remaining in the pipes at the bottom.

What we need from you before we move your spa:

  1. The address of pick up and drop off.
  2. The type of the spa pool
  3. The weight of the spa(approximate)
  4. The pictures or video of the access for both locations.
  5. Also, if the spa pool is insured or you will be looking for additional insurance.

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