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Apartment Moves

Apartment Movers

Every move is a different move because no two houses are the same.

Moves within the apartments/ to apartments or from apartments are a bit different from the other types of moves. The reason is, apartments are usually compact, have little or not much empty space, no large driveways and difficult parking. Not to forget, the apartments are mostly accessible with elevators and some even do not have elevators. Hence, we treat apartment moves a bit differently.

Generally, the boarders in apartments ask us to move things through the balcony which we do not suggest at all. It is not safe as per health and safety reasons.

For such moves, our team comes with a medium truck due to parking and height issues and use furniture pads around furniture to save the walls from potential damage. For all your fragile items, we can provide wrapping with thick furniture pads and bubble wrap at additional charges.

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