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Antique Moves

Antique Movers

Kiwis are great hoarders, not literally though…. ha ha!

Jokes apart, people here have love for collectibles and this is evident from their collection of boats, kauri articles, pottery, furniture, chests which costs a fortune to own and maintain. But when they need to move it from one place to another, it is hard to find a name to trust upon. But here we are, your own Kiwi company who can take care of your valuable and antique goods, be it of any size and shape. We assess the antique item first and then suggest suitable packaging and insurance. Only after the customer is happy with our cost, packaging service and insurance, we move their items.

So far we have moved many antique items including a piano which was some 85 years old and a chest some 200 years old. We make sure to provide an experienced team to handle antique items move. We also offer specialised packaging for the antique items based on their nature and size.

We also offer additional insurance at some additional cost to cover for your antique items move.

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